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If you are prepared to take the next steps in your career, JFK Institute of Healthcare is ready to enroll you today. Remember, our enrollment is only open until our classes fill. We are always enrolling, so reserve your spot, now!


Contact us today to find out about our current program availability and how we can get your first foot in the door.

Located in New Jersey


EDUCATION OPTIONS: We offer various healthcare career programs.


SCHEDULE OPTIONS: We offers flexible class schedules. This makes it easy for many of our students for making their next move when planning a new career.


PAYMENT OPTIONS: When it comes to financials, JFKIH offers various payment plan options to choose from such as biweekly, monthly or you can also pay in full.

So if you are interested in a career and would like to move ahead and make your next move, fill out the request info form.

We are JFK Institute of Healthcare: Where the future can be yours.



Want more info about the programs offered?
You can fill out our short inquiry form and we will get in touch with you, or you can talk to our admissions counselor at 844-535-3381.

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