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Who are Medical Billing and Coding Specialists?

Medical Billing and Coding Specialists are highly skilled healthcare professionals that offer extremely valuable administrative support. Medical Billers and Coders are healthcare professionals that prefer to work in an office setting and at a desk. Medical billers and Coders can find employment in hospitals, Doctors Offices, Private Companies and can even work from home! The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the field of Medical Record and Health Information Technicians (Medical Billers and Coders) is expected to grow 13% from 2016 – 2026. This will create nearly 30,000 new jobs!

What is it like to be a Medical Billing and Coding Specialist?

Medical billers and Coders typically work in an office setting, at a desk in front of a computer. Most of the medical billers and coders day will consist of communicating with healthcare staff regarding a patients’ stay, confirming and entering patient information timely and accurately, billing insurance companies for the services healthcare workers provide, and negotiating prices. Medical Billing and Coding Specialists work to ensure reimbursement for the work that healthcare professionals provide. Unique to Medical Billers and Coders they have the incredible opportunity to work from home.

Salary to Expect as a Medical Biller and Coder

Medical Billing and Coding Specialists can expect to earn a salary ranging from about $26,550 to over $65,000 a year. The Bureau of Labor Statistics also reports that Medical Records and Health Information Technicians earn on average $21.16 an hour and $44,010 annually. However, in New Jersey, the average income of Medical Billers and Coders is $25.97 hourly and $54,020 annually which is much higher than the national average.


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