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The Hidden Gems: Cardiac Arrhythmia Technicians | Building Careers in Healthcare | ACTS

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What is a Cardiac Arrhythmia Technician

Cardiac Arrhythmia Technicians perform vital tasks in the healthcare field. Their main responsibility can be to administer EKGs and provide an interpretation for the ECG/EKG graph. When administering an EKG the technician will attach a series of electrodes to a patient's chest in the recommended areas then attach cables to the electrodes. The purpose of this test is to see the electrical activity of the heart. The electrical activity of the heart is graphically represented on an EKG rhythm strip which the Cardiac Arrhythmia Technician will interpret.

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Areas of Employment for Cardiac Arrhythmia Technicians

Cardiac Arrhythmia Technicians can find employment in Hospitals, Outpatient Cardiac Rehab centers, and private outsourcing companies. In a hospital setting, the Cardiac Arrhythmia Technicians will work with doctors, nurses and other support staff to aid in interpretation. One interesting fact about electrocardiograms is the Doctors, EKG technicians and Cardiac Arrhythmia Technicians are some of the only staff that is trained in interpreting an EKG graph. The workplace environment and responsibilities for Cardiac Arrhythmia Technicians facilities outside of a hospital setting may vary.

Benefits of a Career as a Cardiac Arrhythmia Technician

Employment in the healthcare field definitely has its perks. Some may include access to company healthcare plans, retirement packages, 401 k, and several career advancement options. Some other positions that a Cardiac Arrhythmia Technician can easily transition to other related positions such as EKG Technician, Telemetry Technician, Patient Care Technician Clinical Medical Assistant and Phlebotomy and EKG Technician. Americation Career and Training School (ACTS) has multi certification programs such as the Patient Care Technician program and Clinical Medical Assistant program that provide the certifications you need to enter the healthcare workforce.

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