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Top 6 Information Technology (IT) Programs | Career Advancements | ACTS

Americation Career and Training School (ACTS)

IT has made the top emerging field for the past decade. Information technology is the study and use of computers and telecommunication systems to send, retrieve, and store information. We live in a digital age and are surrounded by computers in a day to day activities. Here is a list of the top IT programs to help get you out into the workforce. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the field of Information Technology is expected to grow 12% creating thousands of new jobs. The average income across 10 it professions is around $86,000 annually.

#6: CompTIA Fundamentals

CompTIA IT Fundamentals is a great introductory course for those interested in the IT field. This program covers the basics of working in IT. It introduces students to the fundamental skills needed for working in IT. The program was designed to deliver its content in a simple and understandable way to work well with everyone not just for those with a background in IT. Topics covered in this crouse are Using a Workstation, OSm Data types and Units, Databases, Interfaces, File systems, Peripheral Devices, and Storage Devices.

#5 CompTIA A+

The CompTIA A+ program can be taken by students seeking a career in Information Technology. This program can also be taken by working IT professionals interested in learning more information about these skills. The CompTIA A+ crouse trains students in troubleshooting, network and security for across many devices, supporting Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, and operational procedures and more! Upon completing this program students will be prepared for two parts of the CompTIA A+ IT technician certification exams.

#4 CompTIA Network +

CompTIA Network+ is a program geared towards current IT professionals to help broaden and strengthen their skill set and add additional abilities. This crouse is self-paced and has a variety of interactive tools such as videos, performance assessments, flashcards and more. Topics covered in this crouse are explaining the OSI Model, TCP/IP Models, Network Traffic, IP Networks, Configuring and monitoring Ports and Protocols, Authentication and Access Controls, Networking Attacks and Mitigations and much more.

#3 CompTIA Security+

The CompTIA Security+ course is a great add-on IT program for those interested in information technology. This program gets in-depth with the important IT skill of cybersecurity. This course prepares students for the CompTIA Security+ certification exam. Topics covered are BAsic Cryptography Concepts, Security Controls, Secure Network Architecture, Risk Management, and Disaster Recovery Concepts, and more!

#2 Ethical Hacking & Network Defense

The Ethical Hacking & Network Defense program is geared towards IT professionals and those interested in joining the field. Ethical Hacking is hacking into a network in a safe controlled environment not with the intention of stealing information but with the intention of assessing the strength of the network defense capabilities. Ethical Hacking allows businesses and institutions to see where there needs to be an increase in cybersecurity to protect sensitive information. Students will learn Password Cracking, Penetration testing, Worms and Viruses, Defending Social Engineering Threats, Excessive Buffering and Formulating Trojans.

#1 CompTIA A+ Network+ Security + Bootcamp

This combination program is Americation most popular IT program. The program combines all the information and skills in CompTIA A+, Network+ and Security+ into one self-paced course that prepares students in all aspects of IT work. The program also provides students with an added boost when applying to IT jobs as it prepares them for multiple CompTIA certification exams.

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