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How to become an EKG Technician in NJ | Healthcare Careers | Americation Career and Training School

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Starting Your Career as a EKG technician

You can start your career as an EKG technician by setting up an appointment with an academic institution that is approved to offer an EKG Technician program. Look into the schools and EKG programs near you that offer the EKG technician program. EKG technician certification programs differ in terms of cost, requirements, and opportunity. Some schools require you to have a high school diploma or G.E.D. While others allow for placement tests for those that do not have a Diploma or G.E.D. Some schools allow enrollment for individuals experiencing financial difficultly through grant programs provided by government assistance institutions or One-Stop Career Centers and other Organizations as applicable.

What it comes down to is for you to look at your personal situation and seek career advice from reliable sources and schools to get the correct information on how to pursue a career as an EKG Technician. With this, you will be able to make yourself available for opportunities within your reach. Also, look at the curriculum and teaching method of the schools that you are interested in. Find ones that train you in the clinical aspect as well as theory, so you can become the right applicant to apply for jobs available in the job market.


EKG Technician certification

You may find employers that do not require certification for EKG Technician or some that may ask for a certification as one of the requirements to apply for the job as an EKG Technician. What you should focus on is making your resume stand out against the other applicants applying for the same position. One of the ways you can do this is by having and ekg tech certification or several certifications in the EKG field. Finishing a program and obtaining a certification (or certifications to really give your resume a boost) is a great way to differentiate your application from other applicants. Find a school that allows you to be eligible for a national certification exam after completion of the training program. Ask the academic institution about what other certification options do you have other than the Certified EKG technician certification, since some schools may offer more certifications for students completing the EKG Technician program. These extra certifications can be the distinguishing factor between you and another EKG Technician apply for the same position.  

What is the Pay and Job Outlook for an EKG technician?

EKG technicians fall under the umbrella of cardiovascular technologists and technicians. The EKG technician is an entry-level position. However, this opens the door for many career paths within the field granting opportunities for higher-income earnings.

The bureau of labor and statistics also reports that the job outlook appears to be at 17% growth with 14% for Health technologists and technicians particularly. Becoming trained as an EKG technician allows for an incredibly rewarding career while granting you the opportunity to further your career if you ever chose to do so. To learn more about how you can get started in this career as an EKG Technician, contact the admissions department of Americation they will be able to further assist you in taking the next step to get enrolled into an EKG Technician Program. You now have an option to add phlebotomy to your EKG technician program, Americation Career and Training School has a combination program that combines EKG and phlebotomy into 1 program. You may want to inquire and learn more about the combination program as well. 


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