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How Our Psychology Programs Can Help Towards ANY Career | Building Careers | ACTS

Americation Career and Training School (ACTS)

What is Psychology?

Psychology is defined as the study of behavior and mental process. Psychology is a very broad term and covers many separate topics with each one being able to be turned in it a career. For example, there are Clinical Psychologist, Cognitive Psychologist, Developmental Psychology, and Forensic Psychology. That’s just a few. Each one of these takes on a branch of Psychology as its focus. Psychology helps us understand ourselves and the reasons behind certain behaviors allowing for possible treatment methods. to arise. Americation offers two programs under psychology; Abnormal Psychology and Abnormal Child Psychology. However, you don’t have to be a psychology major to unitize these programs!

How these programs can help towards a Career?

Having a background in psychology can be used towards nearly any career in any field. This is because most careers involve dealing with other people to a certain capacity. A background in psychology can help significantly in interactions with others as it gives you an insight on how to navigate certain personality types. Abnormal Psychology and Abnormal Child Psychology can give you an edge as an applicant to jobs because you are bringing something unique and useful to the table that the potential employer may not have anticipated.

What Employment Fields Can Highlight These Programs?

If you are seeking a career in healthcare these certifications can really accent your resume nicely and aid in patient interactions. Especially if you are working at a pediatric facility primarily with children. These certifications can also help if you are plan on a career in education or already employed as an educator. Some other fields these certifications can come in handy are Business, Marketing, Sports Medicine, Counseling, Social Work and any specialist field of Psychology.

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