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Become Construction Job Site Estimator | Careers in Construction | ACTS

Americation Career and Training School (ACTS)

What is a Construction Job Site Estimator

Construction Job Site Estimators help provide budgeting and planning to construction projects and construction sites. Construction Job Site Estimators can provide an estimated projected cost for a project while providing financial wiggle room for unseen issues. Privately owned construction companies, real estate firms, and investors have a high interest in what an overall construction project will cost. Knowing the cost of the project allows them to determine the financial incentive for investing. Construction job site estimators provide valuable information such as for the cost of building materials and workers compensation. They also have information about the quality of materials and the process of bidding.

What You will learn from Our Program

The Construction Job Site Estimator program will prepare students on how to provide estimates by visiting job sites or over the Phone. The program will show students the types of estimates and when guesstimations are most appropriate. Understanding the importance of estimates, cost cycling and the fundamentals of bidding is what will make you a highly qualified professional. The program also covers the important topics of taking measurements and estimating prices for backfills and excavation.

Career Advancement Options

There are several career advancement opportunities available for students enrolled in the Construction Job Site Estimator program. Some of which include the Projectment Manager Program and the Blueprint Reading Professional Program. What makes the construction programs unique from the other programs offered by Americation Career and Training School is that with the construction program you have the option of creating your own business. Having a focused skill enables you to market your product ( the skill) to those who need it. Americation Career and Training School offers a Small Business Management, Internet Marketing and Entrepreneurship programs to those interested and taking on that business endeavor.

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