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6 quick to start allied healthcare careers with the best earning potentials in NJ │ACTS

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All healthcare occupations are expected to experience 18% job growth from now till 2026. This demand for healthcare employees is due not only to the aging population but also to the rise of certain medical conditions in all demographics. With more of the population growing older and needing care many positions with healthcare will a need trained, skilled, and dedicated workforce. Here is a diverse list of allied health careers that you can start working in quickly and have the best earning potentials.

Phlebotomy Technician Career and Earning Potential

Phlebotomy is a fast-growing field within healthcare. Phlebotomist draws blood from patients which are used for laboratory testing. This testing can tell if the patient is experiencing a vast range of health-related illnesses. Phlebotomists also perform capillary test, glucose test and urine analysis. You can become a certified phlebotomist in as little as 5 weeks! The earning potentials for phlebotomists in new jersey can range from $13.75 an hour to $23.17 an hour. Annual salaries can start at around $28,590 and go upwards of $48,000 as reported by Becoming a phlebotomist allows people to start earning some serious cash fast!

EKG Technician Career and Earning Potential

Electrocardiogram technician (EKG tech) are healthcare employees that help significantly in the diagnosis of cardiac conditions in patients. EKG technicians have the knowledge to operate an EKG machine, which is the device that records the activities of the heart. The recording process is done by connecting electrodes to a patient’s body. These electrodes pick up the heart’s electrical activity. Abnormalities in graphs may let doctors know that there is a cardiac condition that needs immediate attention. EKG programs do not last long at all. Aspiring EKG technicians can expect to be out in the field in as little as 5 -8 weeks through an EKG Technician certification programs. reports that EKG tech's hourly pay can range from $10.54 to $20.29. With overtime hourly pay can increase anywhere from $6.57 to $29.98 that is extra per hour. The annual income for EKG technicians ranges from $21,723 to $44,002 in New Jersey.  

Medical Billing and Coding Career and Earning Potential

Medical Billing and Coding specialist are employees that find themselves on the front lines of the business aspect of healthcare. Medical billers and coders are the people that serve as the bridge between patients, healthcare facilities, and insurance companies. These people deal with the financial aspect of health care, and bill insurance companies using codes based on the care that was given to a patient. Medical Billing and Coding specialist must communicate with doctors and nurses to make sure all the information (diagnoses and treatments) on a patient’s care was correct in order for the bill to be processed successfully. Requirements to be a medical billing and coding specialist is to complete a certificate in a medical billing and coding training program. These healthcare employees typically earn a salary of $42,649 to $50,119 in new jersey (NJ) as reported by 1

Patient Care Technician Career and Earning Potential

If phlebotomy and EKG technicians aren’t enough for you, check out a career as a Patient Care Technician. PCT’s are healthcare workers that focus primarily on the patient hence the title. These employees provide patient care including a range of motion exercises, performing vitals, and general patient hygiene duties. PCTs also perform clinical tasks such as drawing blood, administering EKGs, and urine analysis. The requirements to become a Patient Care Technician are to have High School Diploma and a Certificate of Completion and Certified after completion of a training program. Glass reports that the annual earnings of PCT’s can fall between $26k and $46k with the average of the earnings being $33k. The hourly pay of PCT’s can range from $14.25 to $30.35 reported by

Pharmacy Technician Career and Earning Potential

Pharmacy Technician is one of the fastest-growing fields. Pharmacy Technicians are skilled individuals and are trained in measuring and mixing prescription medications, pill count, and labeling medications accurately.  Pharmacy techs communicate with doctors’ offices over the phone or via the computer to gather prescriptions and prepare them for patients' need. These healthcare workers can work at pharmacies in a variety of settings whether in commercial stores or in hospitals. reports that pharmacy in new jersey starting earning around $10.29 an hour and can go up to $22.02 with experience. Annual earnings of pharmacy technicians in New Jersey range from $21,400 to $45,810.

Clinical Medical Assistant Career and Earning Potential

Clinical Medical Assistants are the masters of the clinical arts. CMA’s are tasked with many clinicals task throughout the day. The tasks of CMA’s include, taking vitals, drawing blood, administrating EKG’s, assisting patients’ vision, and gathers patient’s medical history. To become a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant, you have to pass a certification exam.  Within this exam topics of phlebotomy, EKG, and administrative tasks are covered. Training programs prepare students for the certification exam as well as training for various types of patient interactions. reports that the average hourly rate for CMA’s falls between $13 an hour and can exceed $22 an hour. Annual salary ranges from $30k to $42k with the average income being $35,919.

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