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Understanding of Drug Use and Abuse

Drug use and abuse is a chronic disease that has dangerous health consequences and erratic behavior. Substance abuse can have devastating effects on the lives of individuals, close family members, and friends. Drug addiction and substance abuse can create self-destructive continues cycles off becoming "clean" and relapsing. Relapsing is very common for those who do not have access to rehabilitation or other mental health facilities. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) stated that in 2017 19.7 million Americans suffer from substance abuse. Of the 19.8 million, 74 percent have varying ranges of alcoholism and 38 percent had illicit drug use disorder. 8.5 million Americans have a substance abuse disorder and mental health disorder occurring simultaneously. There is evidence to support that the causes of addiction can be either genetics or the psychosocial impacts of the environment.

How Widespread is Drug Addiction?

According to the American Addiction Centers 2017 published report on drug use and abuse in the United States, the following statistics highlight the growing issue of drug abuse and individuals over age 12 affected by its use:

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  • Roughly 1 million Americans struggled with cocaine based addiction.

  • Roughly 652,000 had heroin use addiction. Users are heroin are also expected to be addicted to the use of alcohol and marijuana. Users of heroin are 40 times likely to be addicted to prescription drugs as of 2017.

  • More than 1.7 million Americans are using prescription drugs like pain relievers and eventually get addicted to them. This is also referred to as opioid addiction.

  • 6 percent of full-time college students or 4.1 million Americans are addicted to marijuana addiction and are daily smokers.

  • 14.5 million citizens have an alcohol addiction, with half having a family history of drinking. Alcoholism causes over 88,000 annual deaths.

Learning Objectives for a Drug Use and Abuse Program

  • Classification of Drugs and Scheduling of Controlled Substances

  • Withdrawal and Tolerance

  • Difference Between Drug Use and Drug Abuse

  • Physiological and Psychological Effects of Drugs

  • Prevention Models and Principles of Substance Abuse

  • Treatment Options for Substance Abuse Disorders

  • Acute and Chronic effects of Caffeine, Alcohol, Opiates, and Marijuana

  • The Need for Drug Use and Abuse Counsellors

  • And More!

A Drug Use and Abuse Program can provide a unique opportunity to advance your knowledge on a topic that is personal or important to you. This program could serve as your stepping stone in a career as drug use counselors, social workers, and engage in further studies to become a therapist or a rehabilitation specialist. This can be a life-changing decision not just for you but for those suffering from drug use and abuse addiction. Millions of people suffering from substance abuse problems go without mental health treatment every year.

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