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Phlebotomy Technician and Career Advancement Opportunities │Americation Career and Training School

Americation Career and Training School (ACTS)

Phlebotomy is a great career for people that strive to have a place within health care. Phlebotomy Technicians are valued members of healthcare staff and are awarded many opportunities to advance their careers. Through years of experience and determination, you could easily turn this entry-level position into a very rewarding profession. The career paths for Phlebotomy Technicians are virtually endless. A phlebotomist can enter nearly any profession within healthcare because the clinical experience they gain can be applied to all positions. Here is a list of professions phlebotomists can most easily transition into.


If you are a currently phlebotomy technician and would like to become a medical assistant, you can do that by taking on a short career advancement program. Various schools will accept your previous phlebotomy education and apply it to your medical assistant program. This is a great way to advance your career into a medical assistant. The job prospect of a medical assistant is promising and is a great career choice. Medical Assistants mainly work in administrative or clinical positions in doctors' offices. You can apply to administrative positions or clinical depending on the certifications you obtain. Having a medical billing and coding certification can make you very marketable to front end office work. Whereas Phlebotomy, EKG, and Patient Care certifications will help you find employment in the back end or clinical office work.


Patient care technician is an in-demand career that is really gaining a name for itself in the job market since more and more hospitals are looking for patient care technician instead of CNA's or Medical Assistants. The patient care technician program includes the following skills patient care, phlebotomy, and EKG. This skill set makes Patient Care Technicians extremely valuable on the job market. PCT's can fulfill the tasks of three other professions in the same workday. This scope of practice allows PCT's to have longer and more meaningful interactions with patients.


If you are a phlebotomy technician and would like to increase your scope of practice you can do so by applying to EKG technician programs. Many students enroll in a combination program such as EKG and phlebotomy technician programs. However, if you have only completed a phlebotomy technician in the past and would like to add a new skill, some schools may allow you to just take the EKG section of the program, being that you already have certifications for phlebotomy. Many facilities hire EKG and Phlebotomy Technicians due to there dual skill set. Phlebotomy and EKG technicians can spend their day taking blood and other specimens from patients as well as administrator more 5 separate types of EKGs.


Clinical medical assistant performed the following skills, clinical skills, patient care, EKG, and phlebotomy. Being that you are already a phlebotomy technician you have an option to advance your career into a clinical medical assistant. Clinical medical assistant mainly works in a hospital and medical offices. This is also an in-demand career since you specialize in the clinical skills of a medical assistant. At the end o the program you are eligible to sit for a certified clinical medical assistant exam to become a certified clinical medical assistant specialist.  

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